1Have you heard about the adventurous activities that gives you out of this world experience? Yes, there are numbers of places all around the world that offer you wide range of adventurous activities to make this vacation exciting and full of life. Let’s have a look to the activities that you can select this season.

Bungee jumping: This activity will give you an adrenaline boost. In this activity, you are attached to the long elastic cord and then you have to jump from heighted buildings or towers towards ground and will again rebound to take you up. It is free fall. Macau tower in china offer highest jump that is from 233 meter height. There are many other places like Victoria Fall Bridge in Zimbabwe, Nevis in Queenstown, New Zealand, etc for bungee jumping.

Zip line: Zip line enables you to enjoy areas of mountains, oceans, greenery, where access is not possible. It is kind of aerial rope gliding, where long cable is extended between mountains or across oceans. You are attached to this cable using pulley and taken from one place to other through free sliding. Many places like Icy straight point in Alaska, Costa Rica, Gravity Canyon in New Zealand, etc provides Zip ride.

Zorbing: This activity has attracted many enthusiasts. In this, you are packed in the inflatable big globe and then allowed to roll downhill. Zorbing activity is available at many places like New Zealand, England, Sweden, Scotland and many more.

River rafting: It is one of the popular sports among water lovers. It takes you to the journey of river in an inflatable raft, where you get experience of enjoying white water with high waves and rocks. This activity is available at many places like Pacuare River in Costa Rica, Ladakh in India, Arkansas River in Colorado and many more

Shark diving: This sport provides the exceptional experience of diving in deep water and watching shark very nearby from protected cage. Such activities are available at Australia, Hawaii, Costa Rica, etc.