If you are like me, when you think of Tahiti, you think of a hut in the middle of clear blue water. You see you and your lover by yourselves in the middle of paradise with no pressures from the outside world to bother you. It is amazing to be able to sleep completely surrounded by water with only a bit of straw between you and the night. That is incredibly close to the reality of Tahiti. Often, we are drawn in by fancy advertising that overpromises the majestic beauty we will find. That is not the case with Tahiti. It is everything you want it to be and so much more.

I want to focus on the so much more. There are whales to watch. I bet you did not know that. I didn’t before I went. The whales are legally protected by regulations since Polynesia is a Marine Mammal Sanctuary. Funny, isn’t it, humans aren’t the only mammals that find it to be a sanctuary? Between July through October, humpback whales journey here to give birth. Many boats offer the chance to see these amazing sea giants. 

There is little to no pollution there so nothing interferes with your ability to see the night time sky. At night, the sky is alive with stars and brings out the constellation lover in all of us. Blowholes, lagoons, and waterfalls, oh my! Tahiti boasts of so many natural wonders and you must see all of them. 

Tahiti is lush and alive with green ferns. They also have tons of waterfalls, including the Three Waterfalls, which are a wondrous sight for anyone to see. Blowholes are a naturally occurring phenomenon in Tahiti. They are caused by erosion caused by the waves pounding on the cliffs. Every time there is a huge swell of water, the blowhole spurts spray from the sea through the top of hole that has been created in the rocks. 

I cannot overlook the art and culture of Polynesia. It is a huge disservice to the area to think that it is nothing more than beautiful water. The culture is unique as it is a blend of Polynesia and French culture. The food, the music, and dancing is the product of the merging of the different cultures to give you an experience like no other. 

Tahiti offers a different type of snorkeling experience. You can go shark snorkeling in all of the lagoons. You can also find black pearls in Tahiti. They have black lipped oysters  which are farmed all across this area. These oysters get incredibly large which means the pearls are often bigger than most other pearls. A true Tahitian pearl that is black is rare and hard to find. Most of them are a grey or brown color. 

Last but certainly not least, you should visit Tahiti for the food. Everything in Tahiti has French influences, including the food. While you might not be anywhere near France, they have not lost their French connection. The food is a combination of French inspired food made with local ingredients from Tahiti. Most foods have sauce you have come to expect from French food but often with raw fish. 

Visiting Tahiti is an experience you will carry with you forever. You must consider for your list of considerations for your next vacation. You will fall in love with Tahiti and never want to come back home.