8This September, I wish to be away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, for a change, and be closer to nature. I racked my brains out trying to figure where my escapade should be, and after a long research finally decided that I want to go to Alberta, Canada during the Moose hunting season.

Moose hunting is legal in Canada, but there are specified hunting seasons, September being the best, so the first thing that I will need to do is obtain a proper hunting license. Actually if I contact one of the hunting camps there, they have fixed packages which include all, accommodation in lovely log cabins, and license for the hunt, guide services, transportation and meals, as well as the full six day hunt charges.

I can simply sit at home, make a reservation, pay an advance and everything will be taken care of. On making a reservation the camp will send me a copy of the hunting contract which has to be shown to the Canadian authorities upon crossing the border.
Now if I am going hunting I will definitely require the following paraphernalia:

A good pair of hunting boots, a well camouflaged hunting jacket, hunting gloves, a pair of binoculars and last but not the least a good hunting rifle with a scope. I can purchase all these online except for the rifle, which I will have to buy at a gunship.

It’s not that I cannot buy a rifle online, but if you are going Moose hunting, the weapon should be tested, seasoned and practiced with to avoid any kind of functional failures during the hunt. No sportsman ever takes along a fresh or untested weapon to big game hunting, so it is better to choose a weapon personally at a gunship as per the range of fire, the body weight and the recoil, the barrel and strut, the scope with crosshair adjustment, are all major factors that add to the accuracy of every shot I fire. I definitely want to be back with a trophy.