A large Lemon Shark gulps down a large tuna head in front of a crowd of divers.Looking to the shark on national geographic channel, you might always dream of seeing shark in real. So, now you can make your dream true by planning a trip to the place, where shark diving is available. Many places around the world are having shark diving activities with great protection through cage and safety. Make your trip memorable for life time by going for shark diving this season. Let’s have a look to the places, where you can travel for shark diving.

Cocos Island in Costa Rica: It is best known for its deep water in which large number of hammerhead shark inhabits. Galapagos and Malpelo islands also consist of hammerhead shark, but Cocos Island is best for diving.

Cook Island: It is an island present in Avarua district, New Zealand. This island is known as shark sanctuary, which consists of about 15 different species of shark. It has largest numbers of shark and thus it is popular among shark divers.

KwaZulu Natal: It is a present in South Africa. This is one of the exciting place for shark diving as it dwells variety of large and wild sharks like tiger, copper, hammerhead, bull and white sharks. Along with this, South Africa also offers number of other extreme sports, thus you can consider this place for shark diving.