7I hail from Stockholm, Sweden, where the sun never sets for 56 days in summer, and never rises for three months during winter, an extremely cold country but a place which is rich in culture, traditions, and heritage.

Family attachments and values are treasured in my country, and we have a lot of social gatherings, where family members meet, wine and dine, make merry, live life to the fullest.

Sweden is a prosperous country, and people work hard to make a living, there is no sexual or racial indiscrimination in my country, equal opportunity awaits everyone who has talent.

I am personally an introvert by nature, but open up if I find the right company, I love animals especially dogs, and have a never ending passion for playing football!
Among my other interests are travelling to exotic destinations like Macho Picchu in south America, and Angkor watt temple in Thailand,

I also love to trek along mountain trails and meet the local people, there are so many places of natural beauty in this world that one life isn’t good enough to see them all.
My day starts very early at 4 am, wherein I take my dogs along for a walk for about 10 kms every day, then I devote my time to my soccer practice for about 2 hours five days a week, which includes a hectic schedule of calisthenics, weight training and actual play in the field.

I love martial arts, and have a black belt in Krav Maga, the Israeli combat style. Health is wealth, so keeping fit is an obsession for me.

Being a bachelor, I do all my household chores like cooking washing etc.

When it comes to cooking I may not be a chef, but I can surely whip up a few delicacies, I like experimenting different kinds of cuisine, like Thai, Lebanese, Indian and also have a keen interest in mixing cocktails.