5A business traveler never gets the opportunity to travel by sea, it is always the same old stereotype and monotonous flight schedule for me, checking in and out of airports, long waits for security checks, flight delays, jet lags, and the artificial smiles on the faces of the cabin crew.

So given the chance I love to travel by sea or rather cruise for leisure. It is remarkable how cruise liners are mushrooming globally every single day, and they have so much to offer. In the past decade many routes have come up, so literally speaking I have a choice to cruise anywhere I want in the world, wherever there is an ocean you will find a cruise liner.

Duration of cruises vary as per the routes, I can choose between short getaways which are less than a week or if I plan a longer vacation it can last a fortnight or more, depending on my budget.

There are numerous exotic destinations that are covered in these cruises like Tahiti, Hawaii, Africa, Alaska, Caribbean, to name a few, so it is like a variety of delicacies spread out on a platter from which I have to make a choice, which one will be the tastiest.

It might seem strange that, how can a tourist be on a ship for more than a fortnight, and not get bored or extremely seasick. Well let me mention here that one never gets a chance to get bored, as because there are so many activities on board, as well as ports and shore excursions, which does not confine you to the vessel throughout.

A cruise liner is a home away from home, offering a versatile range of entertainment, be it food and dining, games and sports, health and beauty, shopping and marketing, you just name it and they have it.

So whether you want to enjoy a game of squash, or relax in the pool, watch Cancan dancers, or maybe just chill out at the bar, is completely up to you. I personally love the nightlife and discotheques on board, and the service is excellent. ULTIMATE LUXURY!