Traveling to the beautiful island of Bali can be very exciting and challenging at the same time. You first need to be fully prepared before heading to a total different place. Not only the environment of the Bali island can be very different, also the culture is something you first need to adjust to. Especially when you continue your journey in the forests and other exotic destinations within this area, getting on your smartphone isn’t always an option. Adventures don’t go well if you keep checking your phone all the time, so perhaps it’s even better that there isn’t always a network available. But how about the accommodations? There are many travelers out there that would like to relax in their room after a long hike or walk in the city of Bali. What better way to do that is just to lay on your bed with your smartphone!

Most of the accommodations in Bali are included with the access to internet. There is one hotel called the Hard Rock Hotel Bali that also includes a forex area where people can do online trading and a land-based casino in their hotel for the guests who are really into gambling. For the guests that rather like to spend their evening on their room, this casino offers a special platform where their hotel guests can be play Blackjack online against each other! Or you can choose your own favorite casino. However, the their network system is connected with all the different players that are in the exact same hotel and are playing on the exact same time. This offers you to socialize with other guests, while staying in your room the entire time! We are a big fan of this concept, but we aren’t sure if we would use this extra service. Playing blackjack online or Roulette online can be fun, but we rather would like to spend our evening in the land-based casino downstairs.

The guests at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali have access to a very strong Wifi connection during their stay, but this changes after they join a tour during the day. In that case, playing online blackjack is not possible anymore. The hotel found a solution for that and is offering Wifi hotspots while traveling through the nature of Bali. This means that travels are able to play their favorite game, together with the group, while spending their time on cultural activities. This does not apply while the travels are actually seeing something that they really need to see. The Wifi hotspots can be found in lunch spots, touring bus and even one in the forest. While traveling through different areas with the touring bus, tourists can now play a casino game until they are arrived at their next destination. Playing games in the bus will kill some extra time, since some routes will take a couple of hours to arrive.

This offer is only available for the guests of the Hard Rock Hotel in Bali. This means that the hotspots won’t work if you aren’t connected with the login of this hotel. Online, you can find some more hotels with the same kind of internet or Blackjack online offer. We would highly recommend spending your time in the Hard Rock Hotel.