4Europe is not just the place of beauty, but also the centre for challenging activities like hiking, cycling, biking, scuba diving and many more. So, if you are lover of such adventurous activity, then Europe embraces number of places where you can enjoy different type of sporting activity.

Iceland: It is the place known for its volcanoes surrounded by glaciers, waterfalls, etc. It is very beautiful place, but it also provides opportunity to enjoy ice climbing, dog sleighing, off road cycling, etc.

Scotland: It is best place for mountain climbers and bikers. You can enjoy both activities in Scottish highland, which enables you to explore beautiful loch and alluring mountain slopes. You can also explore largest national park named Cairngorms, which includes plateau, pine forest and huge rage of animals and birds like dear, wild cats, eagle, etc.

Italy: Dolomite is a place in Italy, which consists of huge mountains, lakes, glaciers, etc. Here you can enjoy mountain climbing and hang gliding. This place is also well known for snowboarding and extreme skiing.

France: Mont Blanc is the France’s largest peak and thus it is best known for mountain climbing. Moreover, you can also enjoy landscapes through paragliding.