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Goreme: 5 Things that must attract you


There are so many interesting places in Goreme. This year I am planning to make a visit to this place for a holiday. I have heard a lot about this place and now just can’t wait to go there and see its amazing life style and beautiful locations. I have listed a few things that made me attracted to this place

Goreme open Air Museum: It has been a member of UNESCO world heritage list and was the first two UNSECO sites in Turkey. I have researched that there are finest of rock cut churches, with beautiful wall paintings which represents unique examples of architecture and technique. Each church belongs to 10th, 11th, and 12th centuries. I love to see such historical places and would definitely visit this place when in Goreme.

Devrent Valley: It is a lunar landscape which was never inhabited. A sound interesting isn’t it? It is a very famous place where small fairy chimneys in the valley form a lunar landscape or moonscape by their strange look. It also has many different animal shapes rock like camel, seals and dolphin. This place would definitely be worth a visit.

Hot Air Balloon: It is one of the best places to fly hot air balloon. I can’t imagine flying in the balloon over beautiful Goreme landscape and stunning tourist locations like fairy chimney, pigeon house etc. I believe there are different types of balloon tours offering standard balloon tour and deluxe balloon tour. They also offer VIP balloons to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversary etc.

Turkish Night Show: I always wanted to see the live performance of Turkish music and belly dancers. The Turkish night show highlights the dance traditions of various regions of turkey. The show has different dance performance depicting love, marriage etc. The dance show depicts a love story where everyone is invited to dance. The highlight of the show is belly dance.

Kaymakli underground city: When I heard this for the first time I was very inquisitive to know what it is and how it would have been formed. It is a village that have houses constructed around nearly one hundred tunnels of the underground city.


Invited guests take in the finale of  the launch of Disney California Adventure Park's "World of Color" light show on Wednesday. ///ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: worldofcolor.0521 Ð 5/20/15 Ð BILL ALKOFER, - ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER -  Disney California Adventure Park  unveiled its new "World of Color" light show to celebrate their 60th anniversary on Wednesday.

After a long time I will be visiting Disney’s California Adventure theme park, so I am making a checklist as to what I must take along with me and what I must not, firstly I summaries what I cannot take along with me:

1)My dogs: Pets are strictly not allowed inside the theme park except for service animals like dogs for the blind, so my husky puppy and my German Shepard will have to be kept at an animal shelter during my vacation. There is a weather controlled day care center for pets outside the park, but I do not want to strain my dogs on such a long journey, if they have to stay in a shelter, let them be here in their hometown.

2) My skateboard: rules at the park prohibit the entry of skateboards, bicycles and tricycles, or luggage with wheels.

3)My hunting and camping equipment: This is a family amusement park, so hunting and camping equipment are strictly not allowed, especially any kind of offensive or defensive weapons.

4) Alcoholic beverages: being a family park, consumption of alcohol is prohibited, carrying the same results in refusal of entry.

5)My formal business suits and formal shoes: I will be like a fish out of water if I go to the park wearing these, so I must carry along light cotton casual clothing, which is appropriate and decent, without any obscene messages or exposure of skin.

5 Rome foods that you will remember for lifetime


Roman food is simple but rich in flavor and taste .Roman cuisine include meat, cheese and fresh vegetables in most of their cuisine. When I was in Rome, I tasted a number of delicacies but just loved few items that I have listed below:

1. Pizza Bianca: It is a kind of Pizza bread that I found in all the bakeries in Rome. It is also considered as the quintessential Roman street food. It was my favorite as it was thin, light, fluffy, crispy and salty and was easily available everywhere. I saw many people wandering on the streets clutching bread packets. The best place to find Pizza Bianca is Roscioli Bakery and La Renella Bakery

2. Crostata di Ricotta: It is a very moth watering dessert that everyone would like. It is a kind of cheesecake with ricotta and candled fruit, raisins or chocolate chips. It is like a baked tart or pie. I have a sweet tooth and can’t resist sweet .So this one is my personal favorite. The crostata can also be blind-baked and then filled with pastry cream topped with pieces of fresh fruit

3. Carbonara: It is a very popular food in Rome. It is an Italian pasta dish based on eggs, cheese, bacon and black pepper. Da Danilo is the best Carbonara in Rome. You can’t miss tasting this one when you are in Rome.

4. Saltim bocca alla Romana: I would recommend everyone to taste this. It is a famous meat dish skewered with prosciutto and sage, cooked with butter and white wine and topped with sage or basil. It is a classic Roman Dish. The meat is so tender and soft that it melts in the mouth.

5. Pasta: I am a pasta lover so I had to taste this when I was in Rome and I just loved intuit is the staple food of the Italian cuisine. It is basically a simple dish but is found in different variations in Rome. There are two types of pasta available in Rome namely bucatini and tonnarelli. Bucatini is longer and thicker than spaghetti while Tonnarelli is thicker and more squared version of spaghetti.

Places for shark diving

A large Lemon Shark gulps down a large tuna head in front of a crowd of divers.

Looking to the shark on national geographic channel, you might always dream of seeing shark in real. So, now you can make your dream true by planning a trip to the place, where shark diving is available. Many places around the world are having shark diving activities with great protection through cage and safety. Make your trip memorable for life time by going for shark diving this season. Let’s have a look to the places, where you can travel for shark diving.

Cocos Island in Costa Rica: It is best known for its deep water in which large number of hammerhead shark inhabits. Galapagos and Malpelo islands also consist of hammerhead shark, but Cocos Island is best for diving.

Cook Island: It is an island present in Avarua district, New Zealand. This island is known as shark sanctuary, which consists of about 15 different species of shark. It has largest numbers of shark and thus it is popular among shark divers.

KwaZulu Natal: It is a present in South Africa. This is one of the exciting place for shark diving as it dwells variety of large and wild sharks like tiger, copper, hammerhead, bull and white sharks. Along with this, South Africa also offers number of other extreme sports, thus you can consider this place for shark diving.

Best places in Europe for adventurous activities


Europe is not just the place of beauty, but also the centre for challenging activities like hiking, cycling, biking, scuba diving and many more. So, if you are lover of such adventurous activity, then Europe embraces number of places where you can enjoy different type of sporting activity.

Iceland: It is the place known for its volcanoes surrounded by glaciers, waterfalls, etc. It is very beautiful place, but it also provides opportunity to enjoy ice climbing, dog sleighing, off road cycling, etc.

Scotland: It is best place for mountain climbers and bikers. You can enjoy both activities in Scottish highland, which enables you to explore beautiful loch and alluring mountain slopes. You can also explore largest national park named Cairngorms, which includes plateau, pine forest and huge rage of animals and birds like dear, wild cats, eagle, etc.

Italy: Dolomite is a place in Italy, which consists of huge mountains, lakes, glaciers, etc. Here you can enjoy mountain climbing and hang gliding. This place is also well known for snowboarding and extreme skiing.

France: Mont Blanc is the France’s largest peak and thus it is best known for mountain climbing. Moreover, you can also enjoy landscapes through paragliding.

New Zealand- A great place for adventurous activities


New Zealand is the best tourist spot for adventure seekers. It is very popular for extreme sports activity and tourism. So, if you are interested in experiencing wide range of adventurous activities may it be river rafting, bungee jumping, zorbing, scuba diving, etc., you should definitely go for New Zealand this vacation.

Queenstown is the most popular place among tourist. It is surrounded with beautiful mountains, lakes, etc., which is best for relaxation and recreational activity. It offers maximum adventurous sports like white water rafting, bungee jumping, sky diving, extreme jet boat rides, canyon swing, zip line, surfing, etc. In winter, you can also enjoy snowboarding, skiing and other ice activities. As it is surrounded by mountains, Queenstown is the great place for hikers. It also provides downhill biking. Thus, within one place, you can enjoy number of extreme sports.

In New Zealand, you can also have caving experience. One of the caves named Waitomo cave in Waikato is very popular for caving activity. Here, you can go by walking, black water rafting, climbing or abseiling. Other cave is Hardwood hole in Nelson region is underground cave, going there is also a challenging activity. Ruakuri cave is also well known for black water rafting. In the same Waikato region, you can also go for off road travelling through luxurious cars or scooter. You can explore mountains and forests, while travelling.

If you want to go for mountain biking, then wellington is the best place. It is known for mountains and harbors. And while biking, you can explore all surrounding scenery like mountain peaks, landscapes, etc. Between its park and greenery, there is long stretch of dedicated roads for biking. Taupo bungee is very famous in New Zealand. It is the only water touching bungee jumping, where you fall in the Waikato River from 47 meter height and no rebounding. Taupo Cliff hanging is also exciting sport for exploring Waikato river valley.

Top 5 wild travelling destinations


Interested in wild activities like scuba diving, bungee jumping, mountaineering, biking, skydiving, etc? Then there are many places all around the world that offers you unforgettable adventurous activities. Let’s find out wild destinations that you think of going this vacation.

South Africa: There are number of places in South Africa, where you can enjoy number of adventurous activities. You can enjoy shark diving and river rafting in KwaZulu natal, crocodile diving in Cango wildlife, Oudtshoorn. Cape Town is well known for sand boarding and Tsitsikamma for Bloukrans bungee jumping. South Africa is also known for wild forest and thus also provide wildlife safari like in Eastern Transvaal

New Zealand: It is the place, where you can explore almost every type of extreme sports. Queenstown in New Zealand is the best place to explore, where you can enjoy bungee jumping from Nevis, Kawarau Bridge and Auckland Harbour Bridge. Jet boat ride, sky diving, zipline activities are also available in Queenstown. Black Water River rafting is also available which takes you to number of caves like Waitomo, Ruakuri, etc.

Scotland: This is another place, where you can get quite different type of extreme sports like river bugging at River Tay and Tummel, cliff jumping and rap running at Pitlochry and many more like aqualining, sky diving, etc. Scotland is also the place for hiking and biking enthusiasts. There are number of regions in Scotland, where you can enjoy mountain climbing activities and some off road driving.

Norway: It is great hub for extreme sporting activity. Rjukan in Norway provides ice climbing, while at Lofoten Island, you can also enjoy extreme skiing. Also you can have fun in snow kitting at Hardangervidda, cyling at many locations, Bunjee jumping at Akrafjorden and many other activities like sky diving, river rafting, sledging, etc.

Canada: This coldest place has number of activities related to snow like snowboarding, snow kitting, ice climbing, Ice yachting, etc. Banff is a place in Canada, where ice diving is also done. In Ontario you can enjoy Polar bear swimming and ice racing.

Top 5 extreme vacation activities


Have you heard about the adventurous activities that gives you out of this world experience? Yes, there are numbers of places all around the world that offer you wide range of adventurous activities to make this vacation exciting and full of life. Let’s have a look to the activities that you can select this season.

Bungee jumping: This activity will give you an adrenaline boost. In this activity, you are attached to the long elastic cord and then you have to jump from heighted buildings or towers towards ground and will again rebound to take you up. It is free fall. Macau tower in china offer highest jump that is from 233 meter height. There are many other places like Victoria Fall Bridge in Zimbabwe, Nevis in Queenstown, New Zealand, etc for bungee jumping.

Zip line: Zip line enables you to enjoy areas of mountains, oceans, greenery, where access is not possible. It is kind of aerial rope gliding, where long cable is extended between mountains or across oceans. You are attached to this cable using pulley and taken from one place to other through free sliding. Many places like Icy straight point in Alaska, Costa Rica, Gravity Canyon in New Zealand, etc provides Zip ride.

Zorbing: This activity has attracted many enthusiasts. In this, you are packed in the inflatable big globe and then allowed to roll downhill. Zorbing activity is available at many places like New Zealand, England, Sweden, Scotland and many more.

River rafting: It is one of the popular sports among water lovers. It takes you to the journey of river in an inflatable raft, where you get experience of enjoying white water with high waves and rocks. This activity is available at many places like Pacuare River in Costa Rica, Ladakh in India, Arkansas River in Colorado and many more

Shark diving: This sport provides the exceptional experience of diving in deep water and watching shark very nearby from protected cage. Such activities are available at Australia, Hawaii, Costa Rica, etc.