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Phi Phi Island: The One Island That Will Give You Heaven Like Feelings


Phuket is the heart of the Thailand, which is the popular exotic destination for the tourist like me. Let me introduce myself. It’s me Karl Svensson from Sweden the founder of online gambling websites casumomega fortune free spins ,, and the not so famous but hopefully soon mr green casino uk bonuses website where they also explain how wie man spielt roulette, which is a very popular table game. I would like to share my wonderful experience in phi Phi Island with you. It attracted plenty of tourists till date, happy that I am one among them. It has wonderful rejuvenating beaches and natural timber. Phi Phi island is the famous destination that tantalizing a sense of travelers throughout the world.

It discovered more fun and more joy by providing the pleasurable atmosphere as well as joyful activities. I found many interesting things in this island. It is suited in between the Andaman sea western part and phuket. This island offered me wonderful experience that completely exhilarating. It is a great maritime park. The exotic beaches are surrounded with dazzling monoliths and palm bushes by a limestone. This Phi Phi Island is the reason for people visiting Thailand routinely.

It plays a crucial role as a tourist spot that this island gives heaven like feeling to me. This island has world class resorts and hotels and good in popular wise also. I easily found the phuket seaside resorts at the first time visiting it with numerous facilities included. All hotels and resorts in this island are fully equipped with most amenities that made me stay comfortable.

Loh Dalum is the beach that attracted me more, which is opposite to the Tonsal bay. It is fantastic beaches that make us chill and felt perfect destination to do visit at day time. The Long Tong beach can be reached by longtall boat. Maya bay is the popular beach is Thailand.

Basically phi Phi Island is mainly composed of 2 islands such as Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Len. The most interesting feature is the phi phi island vacations and holidays are affordable. I took many photos while relaxing at the island parts and beautiful scenery to make it more memorable.

7 reasons why travelers are crazy about Bali Island

7 reasons why travelers are crazy about Bali Island

Hello everyone! This is Karl Svensson from the place Sweden. Happy to share my experience and thought about the Bali island. Bali Island is the beautiful vacation destination that makes me secrecy and relaxed. The whole trip in the Bali Island was unforgettable and memorable days for me and my family. Peaceful sunset panorama and beautiful natural scenery welcomed me with serenity and peace. The Bali Island is well combined with charming and gentle people.

It is the religious site that will take through the beautiful villages and trails, full of interesting festivals and natural attraction. Bali is the most popular area with cultural attractions that made me and other travelers crazy about it.

Ubud sanctuary forest also known as Mongkey forest which is located in the city central. It is the nicely preserved forest along with climbing monkey without scaring travelers.

There are some more appealing villages beside the Ubud bali, where travelers enjoyed varieties activities, especially water sports which I liked the most. It operates in many areas such as Tulamben village and Amed village. It has many snorkeling and diving packages accessible and also so many good places to explore. It offers the fascinating geological formation and marine life wealth.

Nusa Penida is one among the biggest Island around one hour cruise to speed coat. This island boasts fantastic beaches. I felt undisturbed with complete privacy in this place.

There are many good restaurants in the Bali Island. Warisan and Ku de ta is finest restaurant in my point of view. Jimbaran beach seafood is the nice place that helped me to taste a variety of seafoods.
Bali is surrounded by many villages. Seminyak is the famous destination that helps to find many international foods from Japanese, Greek, Italian, Indian, Chinese are available.

Bali Island is the world class best destination which is apt for the laid back vacation. It offers many ways to enjoy my vacation at this leisurely pace. Instead of hotels, I stayed with village to have fun on the vacation to make it interesting and memorable.

6 Things Travelers Must Know About Zermatt

6 Things Travelers Must Know About Zermatt

Good day one and all. Myself Karl Svensson from Sweden. I love travelling to more places. I had a chance to visit Zermatt in Switzerland. Zermatt is located at the highest peak foot in the Alps. It is one of the best destinations that becomes synonymous with the fantastic group skiing. In my point of view, it is a fantastic tourist village that also features many resorts and hotels. Here, most of the apartments mainly use as a vacation apartment for tourist. Undoubtedly, I was blown away with the beauty of Zermatt and its surroundings.

I can able to see viewers from all over the world just to visit the town. There are so many places to visit that include tallest mountain like Montes Rosa and beautiful Matterhorn. Matterhorn museum in valaisan village is a nice place that includes many aircraft related to Zermatt peaks and mountaineering area.

Skiing in the Zermatt is so wonderful for me as an intermediary skier. Mountaineering and skiing are very famous throughout the year. Travelling by airplane is expensive and so I used to visit by train to Zermatt which is the best choice for you people too.

Forest Fun Park is the most magnificent place that I enjoyed a lot. Here I spent something in the trees with the help of bridges and ropes. It is a nice place to explore some kind of adventure and thrill.

There are many recreational attractions I explored and enjoyed in Zermatt. Matterhorn beauty is unparalleled. Only experienced mountaineers can climb the Matterhorn fully. I think, I need some practice, because I felt tired when I climbed half the mountain.

Biggest bopper of Zermatt is Monte Rosa. Mountain biking is very popular in that area. But as a visitor, I just relaxed and wondered about the nature’s awesome beauty.

Although Zermatt has sky-scratching Mountain, it also includes some smaller peaks like Breithorn. It is very gentle with its beautiful slopes, offering good skiing routes, climbing opportunities and hiking trails for minimum experienced adventures like me.

8 reasons why Nepalese mountains attract mountaineers

8 reasons why Nepalese mountains attract mountaineers

Nepal is considered to be a paradise for mountaineers. My recent, and first visit to this magical country, confirmed this belief. With so many trekking sites, some easy and short, while some extreme and long, Nepal is undoubtedly a must-visit place for every mountaineer.

While its beauty should be more than enough to enforce you to visit this country, I’ll provide you with 8 reasons that will make Nepal your next mountaineering destination.

1. Multiple trekking options: Eight from ten of the world’s highest mountain in the world belong to Nepal. These summits have varied trekking sites, allowing mountaineers of all capabilities and ages to trek them. You can plan for an expedition in these mountains in advance, or you can simply come to Nepal and choose a mountain of your choice in a couple of days.

2. Safety: There are many trekking companies in Nepal which provide you with peak climbing and trekking trips to these mountains. These companies have licensed trek leaders and experts to help you throughout the trekking. There is also an option of hiring Sherpa’s, who are people with immense knowledge about the mountains and are well-versed with the trekking routes.

3. Well-marked paths: The trekking paths on most of the mountains are clearly marked for ease of trekking. These markings make trekking easier and minimize the chances of getting lost.
4. Teahouses and villages along the route: I witnessed many villages and teahouses at regular intervals on these trekking paths. These places allow mountaineers to rest for a few minutes and even overnight, so that they can continue their journey on the next day.

5. Friendliness: Be it the Sherpa’s, or the people in these villages along the path, they are well-known for their cultural knowledge and their friendliness. From my personal point of view, the hospitality and friendliness I witnessed in Nepal was second to none. With a warm smile and Namaste, people in Nepal are always happy to welcome you.

6. Easy permits: Getting permits to trek these mountains is very easy if you have the correct documents. You will need two or more permits for trekking any mountain. There are also many police checkpoints at these trekking paths and officers can ask you for permits anytime.

7. Low cost: Visiting Nepal is generally considered to be much cheaper as compared to other trekking destinations around the world. Moreover, getting a Nepalese visa is also very easy as you can simply get one, on arrival.

8. Quality accommodation: Nepal has something for everyone when it comes to lodging. From 5-star hotels to cheaper alternatives, you can choose the best service that suits your budget and needs.

8 reasons why GOA beach attracts people from all round the globe


Goa is beach capital of India. When I went to Goa, my friends gave me a list of 21 beaches to choose from. Goa beach are so very popular that tourist and backpackers from around the globe visit them and I was one of them. Goa is named as one of the Beach heaven on earth. What made my choice so easy that Goa rank 6th best beach in the world?

8 Reasons why Goa beach attract so many tourist

1) Clean and Safe: None of the beaches in Goa are declared unsafe for swimming. The best time to visit Goa is from Mid-November to Mid-February. I visited during the month of December. I was astonished to see how clean and safe these beaches are and how well they are being maintained.

2) Hippie Culture: After watching hippies in Goa, even a normal person like me would like to become hippie for the time I stay in Goa. Shacks on the beach, state of inebriation, Flea market every about Goa is just awesome.

3) Natural Beauty: The best part of Goa is that it has still holds its natural scenic beauty. Its inhabitants are very particular in keeping its history and naturalness intact. The best thing about Guans is that they are very rooted to their culture and history.

4) Easy Choice between Commercialized and Natural Beach: I personally like nature and am a big fan of enjoying beach activities like paragliding, motor boat ride, banana boat ride, Jet Ski etc. In Goa I used to spend my time under the sun, on white sand with a glass of beer. I just enjoyed that. I preferred to travel to virgin beaches and spend my whole day underneath the sun, but Goa gave me easy choice between choosing commercialized or immaculate beach.

5) Find your own retreat: I rented a scooter bicycle, this gave me freedom to stroll around spend my time the way I liked. It was so secluded that I could christen them to my name, but I preferred to keep it natural.

6) Dope and Booze: Those who visited Goa cannot deny to have not come across cheap booze and dope options. Infect many of these hippies enjoy Goa because of this freedom, though its illegal and one can land in Indian prison.

7) Sun and Sand: Nobody can replace the dazzling sun and clear soft sand in Goa. It’s a pleasant experience to walk barefoot on the beach. It was something that I will cherish all my life.

8) Food: If God takes away beaches from Goa, I would still back and the reason would be its fresh and spicy fish curry.

Planning my next vacation in two easy steps


This September, I wish to be away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle, for a change, and be closer to nature. I racked my brains out trying to figure where my escapade should be, and after a long research finally decided that I want to go to Alberta, Canada during the Moose hunting season.

Moose hunting is legal in Canada, but there are specified hunting seasons, September being the best, so the first thing that I will need to do is obtain a proper hunting license. Actually if I contact one of the hunting camps there, they have fixed packages which include all, accommodation in lovely log cabins, and license for the hunt, guide services, transportation and meals, as well as the full six day hunt charges.

I can simply sit at home, make a reservation, pay an advance and everything will be taken care of. On making a reservation the camp will send me a copy of the hunting contract which has to be shown to the Canadian authorities upon crossing the border.
Now if I am going hunting I will definitely require the following paraphernalia:

A good pair of hunting boots, a well camouflaged hunting jacket, hunting gloves, a pair of binoculars and last but not the least a good hunting rifle with a scope. I can purchase all these online except for the rifle, which I will have to buy at a gunship.

It’s not that I cannot buy a rifle online, but if you are going Moose hunting, the weapon should be tested, seasoned and practiced with to avoid any kind of functional failures during the hunt. No sportsman ever takes along a fresh or untested weapon to big game hunting, so it is better to choose a weapon personally at a gunship as per the range of fire, the body weight and the recoil, the barrel and strut, the scope with crosshair adjustment, are all major factors that add to the accuracy of every shot I fire. I definitely want to be back with a trophy.

My Flying Tips after 7 Flights in 4 Days


I hail from Stockholm, Sweden, where the sun never sets for 56 days in summer, and never rises for three months during winter, an extremely cold country but a place which is rich in culture, traditions, and heritage.

Family attachments and values are treasured in my country, and we have a lot of social gatherings, where family members meet, wine and dine, make merry, live life to the fullest.

Sweden is a prosperous country, and people work hard to make a living, there is no sexual or racial indiscrimination in my country, equal opportunity awaits everyone who has talent.

I am personally an introvert by nature, but open up if I find the right company, I love animals especially dogs, and have a never ending passion for playing football!
Among my other interests are travelling to exotic destinations like Macho Picchu in south America, and Angkor watt temple in Thailand,

I also love to trek along mountain trails and meet the local people, there are so many places of natural beauty in this world that one life isn’t good enough to see them all.
My day starts very early at 4 am, wherein I take my dogs along for a walk for about 10 kms every day, then I devote my time to my soccer practice for about 2 hours five days a week, which includes a hectic schedule of calisthenics, weight training and actual play in the field.

I love martial arts, and have a black belt in Krav Maga, the Israeli combat style. Health is wealth, so keeping fit is an obsession for me.

Being a bachelor, I do all my household chores like cooking washing etc.

When it comes to cooking I may not be a chef, but I can surely whip up a few delicacies, I like experimenting different kinds of cuisine, like Thai, Lebanese, Indian and also have a keen interest in mixing cocktails.

25 Things to do during your staycation


There is a saying that idleness is the devil’s workshop, so keeping myself busy during my staycation will keep the devil away.

1) Firstly I want to paint my Volvo, “Daisy”, she has been with me for four years, so she deserves a new look, as well as new tires.

2) I hardly get a chance to eat good home cooked food, so I am going to try my hand in cooking up some meatballs, crayfish and yellow pea soup

3) I will definitely eat out at my favorite restaurant in Stockholm, Oxen Slip, renowned for Nordic Bistro food

4) Last Christmas, my colleague gifted me a PlayStation and some games, so I am going to give it a shot.

5) There are so many DVD s that I purchased, watching them should be fun.

6) Will take a conducted tour of the Drottningholm Palace,UNESCO ‘s World Heritage site.

7) Do some serious online research about Raoul Wallenberg, our war hero who saved so many Jews during the holocaust.

8) Read “Simon and the Oaks” by Marianne Frederickson.

9) Download the best DJ mixes from the Nordic playlist.

10) Prepare my tax papers for the coming financial year.

11) Join a bakery class and learn to make Cinnamon buns, Apple cake etc.

12) Try my best to learn a foreign language like French online.

13) Invite some friends over for coffee(fake),and end up getting drunk.

14) Do a massive amount of shopping for daily rations at the local store, before July.

15) Workout at the gym to shed some extra fat.

16) Befriend the gorgeous spinster who moved into the neighborhood recently, and take her out on a date.

17) Repair the kitchen sink and faucet.

18) Practice shooting at the firing range.

19) Babysit my neighbor’s children when they go for a late night party.

20) Buy a Husky puppy.

21) Take my puppy for a walk every morning.

22) Visit my aunt and my cousins in the countryside.

23) Plan my trip to Canada in September.

24) Register and vaccinate my puppy at the vet.

25) Experiment making cocktails.

Is cruising the ultimate vacation?


A business traveler never gets the opportunity to travel by sea, it is always the same old stereotype and monotonous flight schedule for me, checking in and out of airports, long waits for security checks, flight delays, jet lags, and the artificial smiles on the faces of the cabin crew.

So given the chance I love to travel by sea or rather cruise for leisure. It is remarkable how cruise liners are mushrooming globally every single day, and they have so much to offer. In the past decade many routes have come up, so literally speaking I have a choice to cruise anywhere I want in the world, wherever there is an ocean you will find a cruise liner.

Duration of cruises vary as per the routes, I can choose between short getaways which are less than a week or if I plan a longer vacation it can last a fortnight or more, depending on my budget.

There are numerous exotic destinations that are covered in these cruises like Tahiti, Hawaii, Africa, Alaska, Caribbean, to name a few, so it is like a variety of delicacies spread out on a platter from which I have to make a choice, which one will be the tastiest.

It might seem strange that, how can a tourist be on a ship for more than a fortnight, and not get bored or extremely seasick. Well let me mention here that one never gets a chance to get bored, as because there are so many activities on board, as well as ports and shore excursions, which does not confine you to the vessel throughout.

A cruise liner is a home away from home, offering a versatile range of entertainment, be it food and dining, games and sports, health and beauty, shopping and marketing, you just name it and they have it.

So whether you want to enjoy a game of squash, or relax in the pool, watch Cancan dancers, or maybe just chill out at the bar, is completely up to you. I personally love the nightlife and discotheques on board, and the service is excellent. ULTIMATE LUXURY!

8 things why travelers are crazy about Hanoi, Vietnam


Vietnam Hanoi is one of my favorite holiday destinations not only for its beauty but also for the crazy things and exotic tourist destinations Hanoi offers. Vietnam is indeed a very beautiful place but it has many strange and unusual tourist places that I found amazing and conventional.

1. the most memorable one is the snake village where I saw number of restaurants serving snakes on their menu. You can choose yours from the different species of snakes .The heart of the selected snake is removed and served immediately while the heart is still beating with a glass of rice wine or vodka.

2. Hanoi is also known for its 1,864 foot long bridge that breathes fire. It was opened on 29 March 2013.It is illuminated with 2,500 LED lights. The sight of bridge shooting fire is a terrifying view as six lanes of traffic drive beneath it. It was the scariest thing I saw in Hanoi.

3. I also visited Hang Sung Sot which is also known as the Cave of surprises’ saw surprised to see the unusual rock formation including that of Buddha and a large tortoise.
4. Ho Chi Minh mausoleum houses the body of Ho Chi Minh the president of Vietnam since august 1975.It is believed that the casket holds the actual body of the president and has been not decayed for the years. It was unbelievable for me but when I actually saw it I was shocked.

5. I also liked this place called the Massive Dario Roaster. It is a small village where the Romeo and Juliet tale took place. The Giant roaster statue was built in 1978 to depict this sad story. It represents love, peace and harmony.

6. I was amused and surprised when I saw the world’s largest cave in Vietnam. It was so large that it can hold a modern day skyscraper inside it and also has a small jungle.
7. I heard a lot about Da Let crazy house so we decided to visit this place too. I was amazed by the design and the interiors, irregular windows and the architects’. There are different rooms featuring different decoration like carved birds, flowering purple vine, oversized sculpted giraffe etc.

8. Cu Chi tunnels sits atop of enormous network of tunnels. The experience of crawling in a tunnel through a short passage or a section that has been widened for the convenience was really worth a visit. I would definitely recommend travelers to visit this place for an awesome adventure.