4Vietnam Hanoi is one of my favorite holiday destinations not only for its beauty but also for the crazy things and exotic tourist destinations Hanoi offers. Vietnam is indeed a very beautiful place but it has many strange and unusual tourist places that I found amazing and conventional.

1. the most memorable one is the snake village where I saw number of restaurants serving snakes on their menu. You can choose yours from the different species of snakes .The heart of the selected snake is removed and served immediately while the heart is still beating with a glass of rice wine or vodka.

2. Hanoi is also known for its 1,864 foot long bridge that breathes fire. It was opened on 29 March 2013.It is illuminated with 2,500 LED lights. The sight of bridge shooting fire is a terrifying view as six lanes of traffic drive beneath it. It was the scariest thing I saw in Hanoi.

3. I also visited Hang Sung Sot which is also known as the Cave of surprises’ saw surprised to see the unusual rock formation including that of Buddha and a large tortoise.
4. Ho Chi Minh mausoleum houses the body of Ho Chi Minh the president of Vietnam since august 1975.It is believed that the casket holds the actual body of the president and has been not decayed for the years. It was unbelievable for me but when I actually saw it I was shocked.

5. I also liked this place called the Massive Dario Roaster. It is a small village where the Romeo and Juliet tale took place. The Giant roaster statue was built in 1978 to depict this sad story. It represents love, peace and harmony.

6. I was amused and surprised when I saw the world’s largest cave in Vietnam. It was so large that it can hold a modern day skyscraper inside it and also has a small jungle.
7. I heard a lot about Da Let crazy house so we decided to visit this place too. I was amazed by the design and the interiors, irregular windows and the architects’. There are different rooms featuring different decoration like carved birds, flowering purple vine, oversized sculpted giraffe etc.

8. Cu Chi tunnels sits atop of enormous network of tunnels. The experience of crawling in a tunnel through a short passage or a section that has been widened for the convenience was really worth a visit. I would definitely recommend travelers to visit this place for an awesome adventure.