9Goa is beach capital of India. When I went to Goa, my friends gave me a list of 21 beaches to choose from. Goa beach are so very popular that tourist and backpackers from around the globe visit them and I was one of them. Goa is named as one of the Beach heaven on earth. What made my choice so easy that Goa rank 6th best beach in the world?

8 Reasons why Goa beach attract so many tourist

1) Clean and Safe: None of the beaches in Goa are declared unsafe for swimming. The best time to visit Goa is from Mid-November to Mid-February. I visited during the month of December. I was astonished to see how clean and safe these beaches are and how well they are being maintained.

2) Hippie Culture: After watching hippies in Goa, even a normal person like me would like to become hippie for the time I stay in Goa. Shacks on the beach, state of inebriation, Flea market every about Goa is just awesome.

3) Natural Beauty: The best part of Goa is that it has still holds its natural scenic beauty. Its inhabitants are very particular in keeping its history and naturalness intact. The best thing about Guans is that they are very rooted to their culture and history.

4) Easy Choice between Commercialized and Natural Beach: I personally like nature and am a big fan of enjoying beach activities like paragliding, motor boat ride, banana boat ride, Jet Ski etc. In Goa I used to spend my time under the sun, on white sand with a glass of beer. I just enjoyed that. I preferred to travel to virgin beaches and spend my whole day underneath the sun, but Goa gave me easy choice between choosing commercialized or immaculate beach.

5) Find your own retreat: I rented a scooter bicycle, this gave me freedom to stroll around spend my time the way I liked. It was so secluded that I could christen them to my name, but I preferred to keep it natural.

6) Dope and Booze: Those who visited Goa cannot deny to have not come across cheap booze and dope options. Infect many of these hippies enjoy Goa because of this freedom, though its illegal and one can land in Indian prison.

7) Sun and Sand: Nobody can replace the dazzling sun and clear soft sand in Goa. It’s a pleasant experience to walk barefoot on the beach. It was something that I will cherish all my life.

8) Food: If God takes away beaches from Goa, I would still back and the reason would be its fresh and spicy fish curry.