After a long time I will be visiting Disney’s California Adventure theme park, so I am making a checklist as to what I must take along with me and what I must not, firstly I summaries what I cannot take along with me:

1)My dogs: Pets are strictly not allowed inside the theme park except for service animals like dogs for the blind, so my husky puppy and my German Shepard will have to be kept at an animal shelter during my vacation. There is a weather controlled day care center for pets outside the park, but I do not want to strain my dogs on such a long journey, if they have to stay in a shelter, let them be here in their hometown.

2) My skateboard: rules at the park prohibit the entry of skateboards, bicycles and tricycles, or luggage with wheels.

3)My hunting and camping equipment: This is a family amusement park, so hunting and camping equipment are strictly not allowed, especially any kind of offensive or defensive weapons.

4) Alcoholic beverages: being a family park, consumption of alcohol is prohibited, carrying the same results in refusal of entry.

5)My formal business suits and formal shoes: I will be like a fish out of water if I go to the park wearing these, so I must carry along light cotton casual clothing, which is appropriate and decent, without any obscene messages or exposure of skin.