6There is a saying that idleness is the devil’s workshop, so keeping myself busy during my staycation will keep the devil away.

1) Firstly I want to paint my Volvo, “Daisy”, she has been with me for four years, so she deserves a new look, as well as new tires.

2) I hardly get a chance to eat good home cooked food, so I am going to try my hand in cooking up some meatballs, crayfish and yellow pea soup

3) I will definitely eat out at my favorite restaurant in Stockholm, Oxen Slip, renowned for Nordic Bistro food

4) Last Christmas, my colleague gifted me a PlayStation and some games, so I am going to give it a shot.

5) There are so many DVD s that I purchased, watching them should be fun.

6) Will take a conducted tour of the Drottningholm Palace,UNESCO ‘s World Heritage site.

7) Do some serious online research about Raoul Wallenberg, our war hero who saved so many Jews during the holocaust.

8) Read “Simon and the Oaks” by Marianne Frederickson.

9) Download the best DJ mixes from the Nordic playlist.

10) Prepare my tax papers for the coming financial year.

11) Join a bakery class and learn to make Cinnamon buns, Apple cake etc.

12) Try my best to learn a foreign language like French online.

13) Invite some friends over for coffee(fake),and end up getting drunk.

14) Do a massive amount of shopping for daily rations at the local store, before July.

15) Workout at the gym to shed some extra fat.

16) Befriend the gorgeous spinster who moved into the neighborhood recently, and take her out on a date.

17) Repair the kitchen sink and faucet.

18) Practice shooting at the firing range.

19) Babysit my neighbor’s children when they go for a late night party.

20) Buy a Husky puppy.

21) Take my puppy for a walk every morning.

22) Visit my aunt and my cousins in the countryside.

23) Plan my trip to Canada in September.

24) Register and vaccinate my puppy at the vet.

25) Experiment making cocktails.

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