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Archive for October 2019

Tahiti – Do I Need To Say More?

If you are like me, when you think of Tahiti, you think of a hut in the middle of clear blue water. You see you and your lover by yourselves in the middle of paradise with no pressures from the outside world to bother you. It is amazing to be able to sleep completely surrounded…

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All Vegas, All The Time

Las Vegas is the most populated city in Nevada. Most of the time I even forget there are other parts of Nevada because really, outside of Vegas, what is there? Ok, that may not be really fair to Nevada, but Vegas is going to be my focus in this blog. I love Vegas and if…

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Trip To The Cayman Islands

A trip to the islands is always a welcome break from the stress of my every day life. The Cayman Islands is my go to island getaway location. There are so many reasons why I love the Cayman Islands. I know there are so many islands from which it chose, I recommend that you visit…

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The Magic of Amsterdam

I visited Amsterdam, which is the capital of the Netherlands. At first I didn’t realize that Amsterdam and Holland are the same place. There are 12 provinces within the Netherlands and 2 of them have Holland in their name. Amsterdam is in North Holland. I like to keep things simple, so I am going to…

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The Best Safari In Africa

I just got back from my first African Safari and it was amazing. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure I wanted to go because I don’t like zoos. I always felt bad for those animals to be in cages. I know, they are well cared for and they have plenty of room, but still,…

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Northern Lights…Something You Must See At Least Once

I just came back from seeing the Northern Lights and you must see them, too. The Northern Lights are also known as Aurora Borealis. Let me tell what it is because you might be like me. I had heard of them, but had not clue what they were so spectacular. It occurs when the sun…

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