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Phi Phi Island: The One Island That Will Give You Heaven Like Feelings


Phuket is the heart of the Thailand, which is the popular exotic destination for the tourist like me. Let me introduce myself. It’s me Karl Svensson from Sweden the founder of online gambling websites casumomega fortune free spins and the not so famous but hopefully soon mr green casino uk bonuses. I would like to share my wonderful experience in phi Phi Island with you. It attracted plenty of tourists till date, happy that I am one among them. It has wonderful rejuvenating beaches and natural timber. Phi Phi island is the famous destination that tantalizing a sense of travelers throughout the world.

It discovered more fun and more joy by providing the pleasurable atmosphere as well as joyful activities. I found many interesting things in this island. It is suited in between the Andaman sea western part and phuket. This island offered me wonderful experience that completely exhilarating. It is a great maritime park. The exotic beaches are surrounded with dazzling monoliths and palm bushes by a limestone. This Phi Phi Island is the reason for people visiting Thailand routinely.

It plays a crucial role as a tourist spot that this island gives heaven like feeling to me. This island has world class resorts and hotels and good in popular wise also. I easily found the phuket seaside resorts at the first time visiting it with numerous facilities included. All hotels and resorts in this island are fully equipped with most amenities that made me stay comfortable.

Loh Dalum is the beach that attracted me more, which is opposite to the Tonsal bay. It is fantastic beaches that make us chill and felt perfect destination to do visit at day time. The Long Tong beach can be reached by longtall boat. Maya bay is the popular beach is Thailand.

Basically phi Phi Island is mainly composed of 2 islands such as Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Len. The most interesting feature is the phi phi island vacations and holidays are affordable. I took many photos while relaxing at the island parts and beautiful scenery to make it more memorable.

7 reasons why travelers are crazy about Bali Island

7 reasons why travelers are crazy about Bali Island

Hello everyone! This is Karl Svensson from the place Sweden. Happy to share my experience and thought about the Bali island. Bali Island is the beautiful vacation destination that makes me secrecy and relaxed. The whole trip in the Bali Island was unforgettable and memorable days for me and my family. Peaceful sunset panorama and beautiful natural scenery welcomed me with serenity and peace. The Bali Island is well combined with charming and gentle people.

It is the religious site that will take through the beautiful villages and trails, full of interesting festivals and natural attraction. Bali is the most popular area with cultural attractions that made me and other travelers crazy about it.

Ubud sanctuary forest also known as Mongkey forest which is located in the city central. It is the nicely preserved forest along with climbing monkey without scaring travelers.

There are some more appealing villages beside the Ubud bali, where travelers enjoyed varieties activities, especially water sports which I liked the most. It operates in many areas such as Tulamben village and Amed village. It has many snorkeling and diving packages accessible and also so many good places to explore. It offers the fascinating geological formation and marine life wealth.

Nusa Penida is one among the biggest Island around one hour cruise to speed coat. This island boasts fantastic beaches. I felt undisturbed with complete privacy in this place.

There are many good restaurants in the Bali Island. Warisan and Ku de ta is finest restaurant in my point of view. Jimbaran beach seafood is the nice place that helped me to taste a variety of seafoods.
Bali is surrounded by many villages. Seminyak is the famous destination that helps to find many international foods from Japanese, Greek, Italian, Indian, Chinese are available.

Bali Island is the world class best destination which is apt for the laid back vacation. It offers many ways to enjoy my vacation at this leisurely pace. Instead of hotels, I stayed with village to have fun on the vacation to make it interesting and memorable.